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  • 20 Aug 2017
    New Jordans 2017 since it is concluded that high-end luxury, that in the shoe body material, of course, will not begrudge the use of high-grade leather.With the previous exposure of the two Nike LeBron 14 Low fresh pink color scheme is different from this color selection of more killer temperament "Triple Black" theme, plus the end of the marble texture, to avoid the black monotonous. In the end Zoom Air and Woven upper combination, to provide the necessary ventilation and cushioning, so you can in the summer stadium wanton sweat. More luxurious is the shoe holes are made of carbon fiber material, and even the bottom of the leather package is presented in the use of leather is very comprehensive, lining are used on the black leather material.2017 Air Jordan Shoes has been exposed many times, but its sale information has not been exposed, but believe that the sale will not be too far away, the shoes on the foot effect is excellent, camouflage elements and the overall atmosphere of the combination of just right.This Air Jordan 5 Premium "Triple Black" with pure black throughout the body, shoes and lined with top layers of leather to create, distributed unparalleled luxury quality. And the first two pairs of different, this pair of AJ5 tongue and shoes are printed on the side of the pressure stripes, lace buckle is the use of carbon fiber lines to become a bright spot, black bottom with crystal outsole and shoe body theme corresponds. High-quality leather with a simple color, so that the whole pair of shoes low-key sense of luxury full.Air Jordan 5 Premium "Triple Black" is not a pair of people will fall in love with its shoes, do not love it people think it is a heavy single no feelings, love it love it all black and solemn visual experience, and solid workmanship and And other leather to bring a strong sense of luxury.Kyrie 3 For Sale is coming soon this summer, there are more details of this pair of shoes on the network, the upper with a texture of excellent black leather, breathable mesh part of the dead and also used leather material, in the Shoelace buckle hole can be seen similar to the carbon plate pattern, tongue to cancel the usual 3M reflective effect, changed to the delicate stripes show, the middle also used advanced leather wrapping.Continuation of the P series of high-end luxury quality, shoe body with pure black smooth leather to create the original shoe side of the plastic mesh together with the tongue with a striped double-sided leather to replace, and shoes with holes of carbon fiber lines echo, and finally equipped with black In the end with the crystal outsole. The side of the shoe body and the tongue part, with a unique accordion ribbed leather show, bring a very special visual effects. The same, in the shoe body material did not begrudily used high-grade leather construction.
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  • 14 Aug 2017
    New Jordans 2017 has been the birth of the sky as its own limit, the new third-generation products are still the impact of the sky and make unremitting efforts. The team of designers worked with Clippers star Blake Griffin to create a new basketball shoe with rigorous competition tests with his outstanding performance and actual needs on the pitch and Hope for its best performance, help athletes "flying" performance. When Jordan Brand to # TakeFlight # as a new slogan, we know that there have been countless brilliant brands can be used to enter the room with Jordan Shine shoes into the luxury sector, you can also use the Air Jordan series to occupy the trend, and even with the Dunk SB has become a leader in the street sector.2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the legend of the basketball court is to return to the stadium after all, for this reality faction representatives on stage, even if XX8 and XX9 has become the representative of this school, and Jordan Super.Fly debut in 2012 Is the representative of combat boots, and now has reached the third generation of it can be self-contained.Flying, in many competitive sports can be achieved, the flight of basketball is not just the dunk when the shock, there are players for the jump height of the challenge to the beginning and end are no limit, which gives us unlimited possibilities.However, the Los Angeles Clippers on the season when the core Paul was injured for a long time, but by virtue of Blake Griffin's excellent play, the Clippers still into the playoffs. Griffin's last season's growth for all to see, his feet that Jordan Super.Fly 2 also accompanied by his repeated take-off impact of people's attention.With the new basketball season is about to begin,Kyrie 3 For Sale launched a new generation of actual combat shoes - Jordan Super.Fly 3.Jordan recently released a new generation of Super.Fly 3 shoes, Super.Fly has been successfully launched two generations, as one of the most players wearing a team of shoes, including Griffin, including many players have been wearing this series of shoes. Super.Fly 3 continue to use Flight Plate midsole technology, the upper is the latest Flight Web material, which is the latest generation of AJ XX9 uppers material.Griffin "vacated flying" style of competition is the design inspiration for this shoe, Jordan Brand aims to build a pair can help him jump higher, more explosive basketball shoes. To this end, the design team in the new boots in the use of the upgraded version of FlightPlate technology, so that the power from the heel to the toe more efficient and smooth transition, ready to provide sufficient power for the take-off, and enhance the energy of the front foot Nike Zoom unit back
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  • 18 Aug 2017
    New Jordans 2017, this may also be similar to Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit pseudo-high help design.Black upper with white midsole and ice blue translucent outsole, plus the new woven shoe cover shoe body design, as well as gold logo embellishment, the overall shape may even be more popular than the previous home color is more popular. Curry should also be in the finals G3 wearing the color of the shoes played.Now as long as the important game, NBA game will be like a shoe conference. Today, the finals ushered in the opener, Stephen Curry for the first time put on his new signature warrior Curry 4. The official has not yet officially released, pure white set also weakened the shoes body line texture, but with the details of gold and ice blue at the end of the classic mix is not diminished everyone on this pair of shoes look forward to and curious.The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes may even be more popular than the previous home color is more popular. Curry should also be in the finals G3 wearing the color of the shoes played.In yesterday's game, he also on the foot of this shoes, black upper with white in the end there are ice blue translucent outsole, with the new woven shoe cover shoe body design, as well as gold logo embellishment.At the end of last year, Under Armor Curry 3 failed to board the 2016 TOP5 list, but its quality performance is still the "four-dimensional shoes" some readers welcome. Frankly speaking, Under Armor though by virtue of the popularity of the basket shoes in the basketball market played a tricks, but the distance to become the top brand of basketball shoes there is still a long way to go.From the shoe point of view, "Curry 4" with a high design, in the ankle should be a lot of stuffing.  Although the photo is vague and can not fully see the upper structure, but the lace system and Curry 3 from the side point of view is quite similar.Kyrie 3 For Sale, in the first three generations of Curry shoes, Under Armor are used Curry personal favorite Charged Foam rather than its home cushioning technology MicroG. However, Charged Foam is good for fast guards, and it is more restrictive for other players. "Curry 4" in the bottom and heel parts look more powerful than the previous three generations of science and technology, in the four-dimensional Curry 3 evaluation, which has been called the end of the outstanding, Curry 4 on this basis, let us have further Infinite reverie.Outside the new Threadborne fabric, from the parachute umbrella rope fiber material evolved, with light, tough and other characteristics, in the start, change the process, the upper bend did not bring too much to the foot squeeze Pressure and discomfort, enough to explain the new fabric upper brought about by the thin and comfortable experience.
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  • 19 Aug 2017
    The New Jordans 2017 has been the first in Japan to shelves, in addition to the heel presented a new embroidery logo, this series is Camo camouflage dress to bring a strong military style! One of the Air Jordan 5 "Camo" natural Is very high attention to the style, in the 5th generation of classic shoes on the deep gray suede to create the details of the camouflage texture also with 3M reflective effect! Lining, trapeze and other details are red into high-energy highlights, the shoes of the feet The effect is excellent, camouflage elements and the overall atmosphere of the combination of just right.While the previous camouflage color Supreme x Air Jordan 5 once again release the physical details.Black in the end with red arrows, quite Fire Red style, camouflage upper is naturally the most important, plastic mesh at the Sup words and figures 94 embroidery are shown by the Supreme's identity, and the tongue inside the original The Air Jordan word label, also with the Supreme label.2017 Air Jordan Shoes in this year can be said to be very busy, not only the introduction of the Air Jordan 11 low to attract the attention of everyone, Jordan Future is also launched quickly after the Air Jordan big stage kept blooming Its glory. The United States street fashion brand Supreme with Jordan Brand this cooperation can be described as the majority of sneaker concern, the release of three works quite attractive eye. As a member of the Jordan Brand "Five for fall" series, the camouflage element Jordan 5 is also available in September. Olive green suede upper with 3M reflective camouflage pattern, supplemented by campus red element embellishment, the shoes for the likes of tough style friends should not be missed.This pair of Jordan Future design concept is based on the camouflage of the military wind, it will be used for the entire upper olive, upper soles are black, cool plus points. However, the sale of the shoes on the time has been a different argument, but now there is no clear date of sale.Kyrie 3 For Sale official website Supreme x Air Jordan 5 "Camo" notice information update, showing "sold out" the words, but NikeStore microblogging and NikeLab did not officially announce the sale of this product information.On the Air Jordan 5 "Camo" camouflage version Although the Internet has been exposed a lot of pictures, but its related information and not much, and the camouflage version is also following the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 after another Air Jordan 5 camouflage color, very rare.Jordan Brand or will be sold on a camouflage theme of the Air Jordan 5, from the spy photos, the shoe camouflage details, including the tongue is also used camouflage decoration, and the overall color is also green olive, the theme of a clear sense.Like friends also pay more attention and continue to pay attention to its movements.
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рек views Sep 13, 2017
New Air Jordan 9 He Got Game 2018

With the famous Jordan statue as the theme, New Jordans 2017 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this Air Jordan 9 "Statue" bronze color. This statue stands in front of the Chicago Union Center, the statue of the trapeze debut in November 1, 1994, the statue of Jordan is the foot of the Air Jordan 9. Air Jordan 6 is MJ first to win the NBA championship when wearing boots. Air Jordan 6 Retro engraved men's sports shoes with bold hit color design, with smooth lines of perforated vamps to commemorate the first time to win the brilliant MJ. In the details, the upper of the Umbrella leather, leather and fabric combination of the upper to ensure a good breathability; Phylon in the end with a heel at the visible Air-Sole air cushion, shock effect is obvious. Translucent outsole durable wear, excellent grip.
Tribute to Michael Jordan short baseball career, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes has launched a number of related topics in the shoes, Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 9 and Air Jordan 13 and so on this year's Air Jordan 11 Low, this year the brand will also launch two Air Jordan 9 to recall this time, two pairs of shoes and back numbers were used at the time MJ's back "35" and "45" embellishment, design inspiration from baseball essential gloves, the color presented From the team used by the color, brown, black two pairs of shoes with a very handy and Rouran leather production, and gloves should be the same material, and sideways weaving details from the gloves, in the white outsole contrast , Highlight the luxury texture.Jordan Brand in this year for us to bring the Air Jordan 9, and it is learned next year will bring back the low version of the Air Jordan 9. The first exposure of the two is expected to be commercially available color, respectively, is quite popular Pantone color and a Derek Anderson PE version of the Air Jordan 9 Low.
In the color, Kyrie 3 For Sale with the fight outsole, without losing the sports atmosphere at the same time, to create a bold avant-garde design style. To sum up, AJ6 is a pair of good shoes, but not a good pair of real combat shoes. Now it seems a little bit embarrassing positioning. This Air Jordan 9 "Anthracite" also with the arrival of the fall was put on the sale of the schedule, the shoes with carbon black through the shoe body, the use of multi-material changes highlight the sense of layering shoes, and finally with white details to be embellished , The overall low-key calm also without losing domineering. From the foot of the picture, this Air Jordan 9 "Anthracite" itself has a high ornamental fashion, presumably also many fans of the favorite object.If used as a professional basketball shoes. In the end of the missing and the end of the general grip so that I can not rest assured that the control, and modern basketball shoes do have a gap. But his value is not reflected in the actual combat, but on behalf of an era, a classic bar.

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